About Us

C’DARZ Entertainment – The Definition of Entertainment, provides a certain level and quality of entertainment that is unmatchable for all occasions, both private and corporate. Established in 2004, C’DARZ was created with a vision of change, passion and excitement for all involved.

Our founder and director, Rizik Khouri, has always been a passionate performer. However, one day, simply being a performer was no longer enough. Rizik had a vision that would revolutionize the zaffe industry and take it to the unimaginable heights that we experience today. The uniqueness of every Lebanese wedding entrance/zaffe that happens every week, from simple traditional wedding entrances, to the modern twist of English music incorporated and mixed into the Arabic traditional entrance came from this vision.

Over the years, through the hard work and dedication of all involved, C’DARZ Entertainment has taken the wedding entrance/zaffe industry new heights and levels week in, week out with uniquely choreographed performances and the release of our specialized props, thrones, carriages, LED drums and traditional outfits never to have been seen before. Throughout the years of growing as ‘One Team – One Family’, C’DARZ Entertainment has had the pleasure and opportunity of working and performing with and for some of the world’s most popular household names. Some of our team highlights include, and not limited to:

  • Wedding Entrance of renowned radio host Kyle Sandilands in 2008.
  • Performed at the live concert of Arab sensation Rabih El Asmar in 2010.
  • Featured in the video clip for Rabih El Asmar’s hit song – Mestanfer in 2010.
  • Performed before Amr Diab at the Arab Music Fesitval at ANZ Stadium in 2013.
  • Featured in the new hit feature film – Alex & Eve released 2015.
  • Featured in the new hit feature film – The Combination: Redemption released 2019.
  • Travelling to multiple overseas locations to perform at our clients weddings (America, Bali, Lebanon, London, New Zealand, and Santorini)

The popularity of our specialized, unmatchable and unforgettable performances is growing at a rapid rate. Over the years we have performed at Sydney’s biggest and greatest venues such as ANZ Stadium, Opera House, Darling Harbour as well as all of the best in quality wedding receptions. We have also performed for some of Australia’s biggest corporate businesses, such as Optus, NRL, Commonwealth Bank, Canterbury Bulldogs. C’DARZ is also passionate about supporting our local communities such as the annual Parramasala parade held in Parramatta, which we have supported and been a part of for many years as well as parades organized by the federal government of Australia in Canberra, ACT. Our popularity has also grown Australia wide and internationally as we have performed at many events in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania and Canberra as well as our international enquiries coming from Lebanon, USA, Canada, Sweden and more. There are no limits to where we will go and what we can do as a family.